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Compared to fall in other mid and small caps. Waterbase has shown tremendous strength and not corrected much. So i would rather bet on Waterbase. it becomes a great buy on dip  The present equity of wb is 38. 60 cr. Post merger this will go up by 2. 35 cr and the total equity capital is at 40 cr. This will not dilute the eps significantly. However, the turnover and bottom line expected to increase by 150 to 200 percent. Hold do not sell this scrip  We do not have access to the financials of Pinnae feeds. As per industry norm, the cost of setting up 1 lakh tonne feed plant is rs.50 cr. assuming that the company would have borrowed 40 cr and used 10 cr capital, the borrowings can be taken care by using the existing cash surplus in W.base balance sheet. The company was almost zero debt companyas on 31st march 2015 except a few crore for working capital. I think the financial analysts can do a better job on this.  YOU WILL GET HANDSOME MONEY

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