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Great news for water base. The amalgamation details of Pinnae Feeds with Waterbase have been announced. The amalgamation ratio is 4 shares of Waterbase to be given for 17 shares of Pinnae Feeds. The paid up capital of Pinnae Feeds being Rs. 10 crores will relut in the equity capital of Waterbase going up only marginally by about Rs. 2.4 crores. Post amalgamation the paid up capital will go up to slightly below Rs. 41 cr from the present Rs 38.6 cr. At the same time this will lead to the capacity of waterbase going up from 35,000 tons at present to 110,000 after the merger. Post merger Waterbase can grow by leaps and bounds!!!. Extremely good prospects ahead for Waterbase...Investors who buy/hold on to their shares will benefit handsomely

Wow...the ratio is certainly in favor of the Waterbase shareholders. Now that the merger ratio has been decided, and is not going to result in any great equity dilution, Waterbase is all set to scale new heights in the days to come.

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