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This company is managed by Themis Medicare which was made in 1969. It`s a JV and it`s listed in India . Themis Medicare is in turn a JV of GEdeon Richter which is Hungary`s largest Pharmaceutical company . The management here is indeed good but I don`t think they will spend a lot of money in this company as long as they don`t see any bigger growth in it .In a way , this company is more foreign than Indian . 

Only a few Multinational companies spend huge on their overseas subsidiaries . The last result was good in fact . The topline did see some growth both qoq and YoY . Lets see how this goes now . This company is very safe and can grow a lot given the promoters want it cause no matter how we look at it ,the promoters are billon dollar companies and it`s their wish whether they want big expansions or not and how profitable it is for themIt It will reach to 150 by march-16 as it is purely turnaround theme.

keep adding in truckloads before it start flying .lupin deal will be announce sooner or later when MKT will not predicting. THIS COMPANY IS CONNECT WITH  LUPIN LAB Also.

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