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                              Year 2015

RAJOO has been chosen for the 7th Plasticon Silver Award for Innovative Plastics Processing Machinery & Ancillary Equipment (National). The honour was bestowed on Rajoo for its world’s Smallest Three Layer Blown Film Lab Line - LABEX TM

                        Looking Forward

To the ‘Rajoo Business Approach’, only thing constant being change, the company has constantly looked for avenues to provide the right combination of a diversified product mix so as to create the right solution to suit local needs. The spirit of innovation and adaptation continues to drive the Rajoo growth story. Wonderpack’s merger with the company has created a combined entity that is second to none in India and one of the few globally renowned quality suppliers of ‘end-to-end thermoforming solutions’.

A technical collaboration with HOSOKAWA ALPINE of Germany (one of the most reputed companies globally in blown film technology) to produce ‘hybrid’ solutions with the Alpine technology at the company’s manufacturing site at Rajkot would benefit markets in India and Anglophone Africa. Known for bringing world class affordable technology at the door step of the Indian processors, the company has entered into a JV (in Rajkot) with Bausano & Figli S.p.a of Italy, one of the most reputed companies globally in this sector. This will revolutionise pipe manufacturing technology in India.

            Strategic Partners

Rajoo Meaf

The constant industry interaction alongwith a comprehension of the changing needs drove Rajoo to look for a consolidated and contemporary solution to position itself as a-one-stop-solution provider as regards sheet extrusion with inline / offline thermoforming. Such a desire formed the basis of this joint venture with MEAF Machines B.V. of Netherlands, a globally acclaimed company in the business of sheet extrusion equipment and thermoforming machinery since 1947.
Commodore Solutions

Commodore LLC., USA

With the objective of being the first Indian company to introduce foamed sheet line and thermoformers inn the country, Rajoo entered into a technical collaboration with the leading world player Commodore LLC., USA on 24th Oct 2007. Commodore brought its experience of more than 25 years in extrusion technology, especially for PS foam extrusion and thermoforming.
Hosokawa Alpine

Hosokawa Alpine AG, Germany

Rajoo entered in to technical collaboration with Hosokawa Alpine AG, Germany on 26th Oct 2011. The core idea behind this collaboration is to bridge the demand of high quality extrusion lines and growing market size of blown film co-extrusion lines.

Hosokawa Alpine and Rajoo both are well established blown film manufacturers. Hosokawa has always been tagged with its supreme quality and high performance extrusion lines for all its high-end customers. Rajoo is well known all across the globe for its excellence in extrusion industry and innovative systems that mainly come up with efficient price-performance tag.

Bausano&Figli, Italy

Rajoo entered into a Joint Venture with Bausano&Figli, Italy which brought the formation of Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt. Ltd on 26th October 2011. Rajoo successfully capitalized the technology loophole for effective production of PVC pipes and profiles in India. This collaboration will bring indigenous raw material from Bausano&Figli to India which will then take its final shape at the expansive infrastructure of Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt. Ltd

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