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So today morning itself i was talking of the breaking of  118/50  in a soild move and that has happened.
Interesting point is that the volumes have been soild. I expect that a lot of intrday traders will be booking profit right now.
A closure around 121-122 will indicate a very strong upmove and we will also have to see the delivery percentage in the evening. I expect it around 40-45%.
Any delivery paercentage around and above 50-55% will indicate a very strong bullish buying and accumulation.
Good luck to all long term holders of Waterbase.
Another important point is that the new 52 week high has been created much before the results and if this base increases in a steady manner then a pre result rally itself can give fantastic levels and if results are good then a unprecedented breakout is possible.
The J curve breakout can happen this quarter is results support.

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