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Water base merging ratio is out as expected.

 The Board of Directors of the The water base company has approved the Scheme of Amalgamation of Pinnae Feeds Limited (Transferor Company) with the company. Upon the completion of this amalgamation, the shrimp feed manufacturing capacity will triple from 35,000 MTPA to 1,10,000 MTPA. The appointed date for the scheme of amalgamation has been fixed as 1st August 2015. The scheme is subject to approval of the public shareholders / creditors of the Company, other statutory authorities and the concerned High Courts and is expected to be concluded by Q1FY17.

 As per the merging ratio news is out the new shareholding pattern will be like this. Total equity is up by 106% from 38.6 cr to 41 cr and all the PFL equity is with the thapper group the new merging equity will come under promoter group and the new promoter holding will be 22.6 cr. So, the new promoter share holding will be 55.2% and others will be 44.8%.

 Conclusion: TWL is growing at a CAGR of 60% in last five years and this new merging of PFL will lead the top line to grow instantly by 300% with equity dilution of 106% only means it is going to be a good deal for TWL investors. Buy on every dip…

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