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Rajoo Engineers is in Huge Consolidation Phase for the last 3 months time any time it can blast like Waterbase,Guj Borosil, Leher, nitinspiner, vidy etc

Dont forget that it is also recommended by Acetrader Investor Blog

Extrusion machinery maker Rajoo Engineers Ltd. is setting up a development center for barrier films research in Gujarat in March, hoping to expand that market in India from primarily edible oil packaging to other foods.

“The center would showcase the application of barrier films beyond edible oil packaging,” said Rajoo President Sunil Jain. “It would also provide services like skill development and training, development of barrier packaging material and raw material testing.” 

Rajoo moving on the right track. But need patience for those invested. If possible we should add on rajoo to our portfolio since it will give multi bagger returns.

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