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As pioneers in Indian Aquaculture Industry, Waterbase has developed model ponds in Nellore for all kinds of Shrimp Farming, and is proud to providing training and general awareness programmes to disseminate the most modern farming techniques,

Shrimp - world's healthiest food

Shrimp is one of the world’s most versatile foodstuffs, not only a protein-rich staple in any balanced diet, but a delicacy found in cuisines ranging from North America, to the Mediterranean, to Asia and the Middle East. As farming technologies and logistics solutions continue to develop, more of the world’s population is beginning to enjoy access to this nutrient-dense crustacean, which has a uniquely low calorie cost, despite being a rich source of anti-oxidants. Today, about 55% of global commercial shrimp is farmed; continuing research into sustainable farming practices and responsible aqua-culture techniques will ensure that generations to come will be able to share in the nutritional benefits of shrimp consumption that so many people throughout the world enjoy today.

Prawn and Fish Feed Manufacturing Units

The Waterbase Ltd. maintains Prawn Feed Manufacturing Units (certified ISO 9001:2008) in Ananthavaram, TP Gudur, and Andhra Pradesh, with a capacity of 1,00,000 MT per annum. 

Waterbase is committed to producing nutritionally-balanced and high quality feed for Indian prawn and fish farmers, delivered to their doorstep. The major facilities include state-of-the-art machinery from M/S Idah Machinery (Taiw

Shrimp Processing and Exports Unit

The Shrimp Processing and Exports Unit is located in Ananthavaram, TP Gudur (Mandal), Nellore (Dist), and Andhra Pradesh, and operates in complete compliance with all EU, USFDA, HACCP, FSSAI & BAP global standards, certified for best aquaculture practices. 

The Waterbase’s Shrimp Processing Unit combines cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art storage facilities, and ultra-modern logistics capabilities to ensure timely deliveries for total customer satisfaction. Our commitment to quality consciousness has resulted in a long list of loyal customers from USA, Europe, Asia, Australia & the Middle East. 
Through its highly-equipped testing labs, Waterbase is able to deliver numerous technical and support services to shrimp and fish farmers in the coastal regions, including Shrimp Seed Quality Analysis, PCR testing and Water & Soil tests for Shrimp Culture. Waterbase’s qualified technical staff is experienced in guiding farmers in Seed Selection and Culture Practices, and Waterbase guarantees the option to farmers to supply shrimps to company’s processing plant. an), the leading machinery manufacturers & suppliers of Asia.

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