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Good results by waterbase plus good future details of exports etc stock should move upward from here waiting to see 200 mark. additionally there are only two companies avanti and waterbase in this field . so huge scope for growth. yoy excellent growth comparing yoy is the right metrics.

I feel that we r digging too much.This could achieve a high of 97 on 15th September 2014.Afterwards it came back to a low 44 on December 2014.From ther this was strugling upto 60 level.From May 2015 onwards the upward journey startedand reached a life high of 176.90 on14th October 2015.This was achieved on the basis of consistance growth during the last 5 years and their future programmes on amalgmation of PINNE FEEDS by tripling their feed capacity by 2017..The fact we should remememberthat the movement was beyond the expection.My expection is this will trade between 140-160 level and no need for panicky.By 2017 they will be able achieve an EPS of 25 and can trade easily at 400.Hope for the best.

Tomorrow be up 10% due to the decent result,38.5 % increase in net profit , company making consistent profit, Q3 will be bumper leaveraging from recent takeover that increased its capacity 300%.

Watch out the below water base result.

Pond preparation, reconditioning & disinfection

Waterbase believes that the best practices result in the best yields. Pond reconditioning is one of the most important factors contributing to sustainable aquaculture yields, by reducing the possibility of toxic metabolites or pathogen from being transmitted to successive cycles.


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