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As expected it`s bull run is continuing with new highs coming almost every 3-5 days... I picked it up first at 48/- Rs... sold at 82/- picked up again at 132/- Rs and holding it for 2-3 Yrs... bull run in waterbase is confirmed and attention would shift from avanti feeds to Waterbase which has a very good chance to become multibagger for next 2-3 years...It soon waterbase would be on radar of analysts once merger is completed. Surely this is going to be the multibagger for next 2-3 years and we may see the similar kind of rally we have seen in Avanti Feeds...Same rally we will see in WATER BASE-- Financials should not be the problem I think... the way it has grown up in the last 5 years if it continues I am sure we are going to see much higher levels in waterbase.. Best of luck...


Good delivery volume of 46% today with 2 lakh shares in delivery ..correction may or may not..will love holding as long as possible until something that deteriorates its business happens

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