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There is very less risk at buying at this level. It may come down by 1 Rs. more. But uptrend is unlimited.I have already bought in large quantity. Will buy more if it comes down.
I was talking to a real estate friend in California and he said Nitesh Estates is rated as the top picks in the Real Estate Space in India. Foreigners are increasing their investments in Nitesh Estates "RESIDENTIAL" & "COMMERCIAL" projects spread over India and soon establish entrepreneurs hubs in the next 5 years to practise their profession. India is a "SAFE HAVEN" for people all over the world as the country has withstood many wars and spiritually strong.Investing in Nitesh Estates upto Rs.25/- is a good bet. The stock has all the right things to move ahead and value for your money. Lazy people will benefit the most by investing in this stock. Will be rated by CRISIL and CARE as the best Real Estate Stock for 2016-17.Nothing is certain in stock market. In this case 20 is extremely important. Once 20 is taken clearly, sky is the limit. For that to happen, management has to show something solid in the book.With so much of hype, backed by quality management and booster investment from abroad, expectations are very high. Time will come; one has to be patient.This is a stock worth betting on. Cheers!!!!!


Rs in Cr.
Key RatiosMar 2015Mar 2014Mar 2013Mar 2012Mar 2011
Debt-Equity Ratio1.150.940.500.220.17
Long Term Debt-Equity Ratio0.
Current Ratio0.800.790.881.492.44
Turnover Ratios
Fixed Assets11.5314.054.078.5516.57
Interest Cover Ratio2.321.99-0.571.683.67
PBIDTM (%)24.2420.43-51.5011.3717.82
PBITM (%)23.7819.85-53.6610.4517.37
PBDTM (%)14.0110.44-144.855.1513.08
CPM (%)11.228.49-152.543.0310.27
APATM (%)10.757.91-154.702.129.82
ROCE (%)8.058.440.002.133.97
RONW (%)6.756.010.000.532.63

Display NameNo of Shares% Share of HoldingDemat SharesShare Holders
Total Foreign (Promoter and Group)00.0000
Bodies Corporate-Indian (Promoter and Group)2,47,90,78017.002,47,90,7803
Individuals / Hindu Undivided Family-Indian (Promoter and Group)4,31,45,19529.594,31,45,1954
Indian (Promoter and Group)6,79,35,97546.596,79,35,9757
Total of Promoter6,79,35,97546.596,79,35,9757
Financial Institutions / Banks1,09,06,6637.481,09,06,6633
Foreign Institutional Investors2,54,03,48517.422,54,03,4854
Non Promoter (Institution)3,63,10,14824.903,63,10,1487
Bodies Corporate1,18,79,1048.151,18,79,104391
Clearing Members2,23,6750.152,23,67546
Directors and their Relatives4,70,2290.324,70,2286
NRIs/Foreign Individuals/Foreign Nationals8,43,5570.588,43,557159
Individuals holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh1,56,81,30810.751,56,81,308365
Individuals holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh1,24,88,1048.561,24,87,09715,470
Non Promoter (Non-Institution)4,15,85,97728.524,15,84,96916,437
Total Non Promoter7,78,96,12553.417,78,95,11716,444
Total Promoter and Non Promoter14,58,32,100100.0014,58,31,09216,451
Custodians(Against Depository Receipts)00.0000
Grand Total14,58,32,100100.0014,58,31,09216,451

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