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YOU SEE THE Share Holding Pattern AND OTHER IMPORTANT THINGS OF COMPANY....India’s first company to start commercial production of Anti-tuberculosis drug RifampicinGujarat Themis Biosyn Limited was incorporated in 1981 as a joint sector company with GIIC Ltd. and Chemosyn (P) Ltd. It commenced production in August 1985. It was subsequently taken over in June 1991 by Yuhan Group, South Korea and Pharmaceutical Business Group (India) Ltd. (PBG); a unique consortium of five competing drug companies - Themis Medicare Ltd., Kopran Ltd., Anant & Co., Cadila Health Care Ltd. (Zydus) and Lyka Labs Ltd. It is being actively managed by Themis Medicare Ltd. (JV company of Gedeon Richter Ltd, Hungary) since 2007.
Group Companies
pbg_logoPharmaceutical Business Group (India) Ltd.
Themis MedicareThemis Medicare Limited
yuhan_logoYuhan Corporation, South Korea – (JV)

Display NameNo of Shares% Share of HoldingDemat SharesShare Holders
Foreign (Promoter and Group) - Bodies Corporate38,50,00026.5038,50,0001
Total Foreign (Promoter and Group)38,50,00026.5038,50,0001
Bodies Corporate-Indian (Promoter and Group)69,51,60547.8569,51,6052
Individuals / Hindu Undivided Family-Indian (Promoter and Group)94,1400.6594,1396
Indian (Promoter and Group)70,45,74548.5070,45,7448
Total of Promoter1,08,95,74574.991,08,95,7449
Financial Institutions / Banks2,1000.0102
Mutual Funds / UTI2,8000.0202
Non Promoter (Institution)4,9000.0304
Bodies Corporate2,31,6511.592,19,151125
Clearing Members54,5700.3854,57041
NRIs/Foreign Individuals/Foreign Nationals1,20,5700.8384,770241
Hindu Undivided Families1,45,5911.001,45,59193
Individuals holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh9,88,4496.809,88,44921
Individuals holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh20,67,02614.2317,69,2696,083
Trust and Foundation20,2000.1420,1504
Non Promoter (Non-Institution)36,28,05724.9732,81,9506,608
Total Non Promoter36,32,95725.0132,81,9506,612
Total Promoter and Non Promoter1,45,28,702100.001,41,77,6946,621
Custodians(Against Depository Receipts)00.0000
Grand Total1,45,28,702100.001,41,77,6946,621

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