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Value Stocks , Growth Stocks and Dark Horses.

Value Stocks 
Generally a stock termed as a value stock if it trade at a lower price compared to its known fundamentals. One common mistake lot of new investors making while selecting value stock is their inability to assess the reason for lower valuation and taking investment decisions based only on certain pre-defined valuation methods like P/E ratio..etc.Personally I don’t think a lower P/E never guarantee good return,instead to a certain extent, it may give a cushion against sharp fall.At certain point of time ,outdated businesses may seems attractive if we follow lower P/E alone as a benchmark for stock selection. Such business may attractive till date but ends in big loss in the years to come due to changing trend, technology ..etc.
So , while selecting value stocks we should also consider future prospects, promoter quality,dividend distribution policy ..etc along with cheap valuation . One can expect steady return and good dividend from such stock with less risk but don't expect multiple times returns from such stocks in short period .

Growth Stocks

As per definition , 'Growth Stock' is the stock of a company whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate relative to the market.These type stocks may always look expensive based on conventional valuation parameters but remain as expensive till their growth trajectory ends which may last for many years .While value stocks are selected mainly based on the current performance,growth stocks are practically selecting based on the anticipated business growth in future and hence the later is riskier than the former.

Dark Horses :

Please don’t search for the meaning for such stocks , you may not find it anywhere :)
These type stocks are only for daredevils but may change our fortune on either side . Generally lesser known with poor fundamentals at present but potential to grow multi fold over a period of time due to some unique features like niche technology,patented products, possibility to emerge as a winner due to changing trend of people in favor of company’s product ..etc. Risk is very high in such stocks and any error in calculation and assessment may wipe out entire investment in such stocks . They are not suitable for newbies and better to avoid in the initial stage of investment journey, at least till we gain something from stock market itself.

 So, before investing in any stock it is always better to study whether that particular stock is suitable for you considering your style of investing  , even if everyone around you claim it as a wonderful one.  

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