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Dear Friends, Subex is niche software company with global footprints with several respected clients.

of course, it had few bad acquisition to spoil its game - a case of being overconfident management. As a result, promoters lost nearly all of its holdings - now company is owned by its major investors (and they are not in business to run software companies) who will definitely look for a sale out to some tech major.

after making losses for several quarters due to debt interest... it has turned around corner with some positive PAT quarters... by end of November maximum of FCCBs will be converted into equities...

so, I believe that the take over news will be big trigger for this counter besides growing organically. of course timelines can not be confirmed but I have taken 1-2 years - but it can happen before as well as and when good opportunity comes.

I will check dear   - but from memory, all pending FCCBs were recently renegotiated with a conversion price of 13 and most of them were agreed to be converted by end of November 2015... i.e. by end of this month we will be done with major equity conversion.... but I will go through announcements and confirm later. Cheers

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