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Very good movement seen in e-land from 31 to 39. it is in the consolidation range between rs 36 to 38. once breakout happens rs 44 plus in the near term. this is one of my favourite stock which gives sharp ups and down. volumes are consistently up which means some accumulations are going on. jul`16 result is the key to see future directions. in november 2016 , this stock will have much clarity. happy investing. cheers. 
E-land will fly high in the days to come. some saving to promotors due to new textile policy and its benefits with epf contribution. employee expenses will come down for next three years. textile industries employee are frequently switch jobs.also tax benefits from government for exports also plus point for this stock. since 300 cr exports are agreed for 10 years, its a good boost to the company.
First quarter result will be in the month of jul 16 and expects some improvements in losses and revenue this stock is very unpredictable and bounces to new high levels in the short span of time of course it comes down in the same speed patience is the key tracking this stock from the level of rs 10 - my target for mudra lifestyle is rs 42 for the short term with a stoploss of rs 32
Now expect back to back upper circuits. those who gets a chance to buy are lucky. as said earlier, now it has crossed 39 decisively we will see new highs in the days to come. cheers.
Just relax and enjoy. what a volume increase today in both nse and bse. good news to come. cheers. crossing 39 will take it towards rs 44 plus.

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