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Maxima The company has started manufacturing ayurvedic plus probiotic medicines and the concept is patented in us, india and china. they are currently focusing on southern region and have made their products available at otcs in karnataka and maharashtra and they have a plan to expand pan india eventually though they have an online presence as of now. in the initial phase they have been able to achieve upto 10cr of sales from few cities, so i see a potential there given the increasing acceptance for ayurveda in india and abroad. they have launched products across categories and even a single successful product can draw multi crore sales. also, they are into bio calciums under the division maxima neutraceuticals. its an emerging market which will double by 2020 and currently also being explored by ex-md of amul. maxima has a tie up with imac for it.so in all i feel, its like putting ur money on a startup (45 cr company) which has a potential to grow but you have to be patient with it. whether it will do wonders to your portfolio is ur luck.

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