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Kridhan Infra is Singapore subsidiary Swee Hong Ltd is listed at Singapore Stock Exchange. It closed yesterday at SGD 0.011 which is equivalent to Re 0.51 (at exchange rate SGD 1.0 = Rs 46.57), i.e. a worthless penny stock. It is quoted at very low P/E ratio 0.32, EPS 0.034 SGD, Price/Sales ratio 0.17. In the last 52 weeks, Swee Hong s share price was quoted in the range SGD 0.001-0.050 ( Rs 0.05-2.33). Kridhan Infra s Investor Presentation submitted to stock exchanges claims to have successfully turned around this pathetic company but Singapore market participants are not at all enthused. If Swee Hong is doing so well then its promoters should have been too happy to corner its shares available dirt cheap. It is strange how DD Sharma recommended this scrip as a multibagger on CNBC Awaaz apparently without bothering to verify the credentials of Swee Hong Ltd, the strong foundation on which this entire story has been constructed

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